Sweet Child O' Mine 

My name is Daniel Woods. I am a 27 year old day dreamer based out of Seattle WA. I find myself enjoying the small things life has to offer and marveling at the big. I love meeting new people and rainy days. Part time student full time adventure seeker. I tend to ask a lot of questions but I've learned the more you ask the better the story. 

Now that the basics are out of the way! Let us talk about what really drives me..


Since picking up a camera a few years ago I find myself trying to make an impact anyway I can. I guess you can say my goal is to take all these pictures so that when I am an old man and with my luck have a memory that will be getting fuzzy; I will be able to look at these photos and relive these adventures all over again. 

 So now that you know a little something about the man behind the curtain. I can't wait to hear YOUR stories. Remember when I said I tend to ask a lot of questions? Well that's where you come in. I want to hear all the stories and maybe if I'm lucky you'll let me and my camera capture some of those adventures. 

Can't wait!